Sunday, 3 June 2012

BBA... keitta Smiles at Mildred's sorrow

Keitta was upgraded to Upville tonight. Mildred however, was not there to share in her man’s joy.
Mildred went full steam ahead with her plans to snub the Live Eviction Show.
The Ghanaian Housemate slowly made the 60 second walk outside of the Downville House alongside Keitta, Eve and Edith with a hoodie covering her hair. Unlike previous Eviction Shows where the Housemates have to contend with long, drawn-out suspense, IK called all the Evicted Housemates to the stage, leaving some of the Downvillers baffled.
Keitta had to take the stressful Live Eviction Stage walk without his Brazilian weave less girlfriend by his side.
After minutes of suspense, the three Nominated Housemates huddled on stage, before Keitta was announced as the latest Downviller to be upgraded to cushy Upville. Mildred could not be a part of her man’s big moment, because she had elected to languish backstage, courtesy of her bad hair day. Keitta moving to Upville is sure to cause more than a lot of drama. It is no secret that Zainab has a crush on the Ghanaian.
Keitta has maintained in Diary Sessions (with his girlfriend looking on) that he thinks Zainab is a nice person, but is not interested in her romantically. Zainab is known to be very strong willed and is not afraid to go for what she wants.
Will she wear Keitta down and hook up with him now that Keitta and Mildred have been separated? What are your thoughts?